Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Buy Fresh Flowers

People often smile a bit when I mention this one. I think it's because they don't see how this ties into the concept of a "prosperity consciousness". Or maybe I just notice their reaction because that's how I reacted when I first heard it.

Life loves life. And there's something about putting live plants and greenery in your home that seems to create a feeling of abundance.

Plus, think about how you feel when you walk into someone's home and you see that they've got fresh flowers in the living room. Or on the kitchen table.

Even something as simple as ordering flowers regularly can give you a feeling of abundance. And a feeling of abundance is what creates abundance!

Also, if you want to really apply this tip....call your florist and ask them about a standing order of fresh flowers every 10 days. You'll be creating more abundance in your home AND applying the "law of circulation" at the same time.

To your prosperity,
Tony Rush


barogers2 said...

Before coming to LLI I used to say I would be happy if I had enough money that I could have fresh flowers through the house everyday. Now of course my goals are higher but that is still one of the things i want. I am off to go and get those fresh flowers now. Thanks Tony!!

Megan Bayliss said...

Tony, part of my ideal day is being surrounded by flowers. Nowadays I am goaling to buy the florist next door to me. Long live LLI and prosperity consciousness. See you in Mexico.