Tuesday, September 2, 2008


One of the most powerful concepts of prosperity is the "Law of Circulation". It says that you will attract into your life that which you circulate.

You already know this to be true because you will agree with me when I say that -- if you want to have more friends, be more friendly. If you want to have more love, be more loving.

It's also true with money as well. If you want to have more money in your life, practice putting the money you have into circulation . Hoarding money like a miser only proves to the Universe that you don't expect to have any more money coming in.

Think about it: if you KNEW you had $1,000,000 arriving on Friday, would you really worry about saving that extra $2 to buy the cheap brand of spaghetti sauce?

Ask yourself: if you were wealthy right now, would you REALLY only pay the minimums on your bills? Probably not. So, act as if you're wealthy right now and go ahead and pay some extra on that bill that's due. After all, it's going to your account anyway!

Why do so many people settle for the "free" phone that comes with signing a contract with the cellphone company? Is that REALLY the phone you want? Or is it the one you're settling for? Do they make nice cellphones for everyone but you......or do they make them for you, too?

Now, am I saying that you should blow your money without any sense of consequences? Of course not. What I'm referring to is simply this: don't hoard money. When you close the valves to your spending, you'll often find that you've closed the valves to your receiving as well.

If you want to experience more money, put money into circulation! And feel GOOD about doing it!

Tony Rush

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