Thursday, September 18, 2008

Be A Bigger Tipper

I had to learn to be a good tipper. I confess that -- for the early years of my adult life -- I skimped on giving a decent tip to someone who'd just served me.

Then I discovered something. One day, I was experiencing a little extra cash in my life and I decided to give a crazy-big tip to my server. SEVEN DOLLARS! (This was about $4 more than I normally would have tipped."

And a funny thing happened: I felt rich! You can't believe the feeling of wealth and abundance you can buy for just a few bucks. Even though it wasn't a lot of was my own expression of wealth and abundance in my present circumstances.

Sure enough, the Universe responded. I started making a little more money. And my tips got bigger. And I started tipping even more.

Today, 20% is automatic unless the server was extremely slack. Even then I usually leave a decent tip.

After all, tipping well is something I don't do for them. I do it for me....


1 comment:

Alma said...

I am defenitely tipping more from now on - amazing!