Monday, September 1, 2008

Declare Yourself "In"

I was in the park awhile back and lots of kids were playing. One little girl was standing on the side just watching. I asked, "Why aren't you playing with the other kids?" She answered, "They haven't asked me to yet."

The good ending is that when I left the park she was playing and having a wonderful time. But, I couldn't help but think how many adults do the same thing when it comes to love, abundance, good health, spirituality, money, joy, etc....

So much of prosperity and abundance comes from just declaring yourself "in" the game. No need to ask for permission. It's all right there waiting for you.

See, they don't just make first-class seating for everyone BUT you...they make it for anyone who chooses it. So, all you have to do is choose "in".

Do they make luxury cars for everyone but you? Of course not. They're available for you, too.

The life you want also wants you. It's all waiting. You just have to declare yourself in the game!

Tony Rush

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